Carpenter Ants in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky


Each year a majority of homes, stores, and offices in this area are infested with carpenter ants.  This means that one or more ants are on or in the structure.  This does not mean that pest control treatment needs to be performed unless there is a nuisance or damage situation. 

Carpenter ants do not eat wood but excavate in it.  They prefer to live in moisture-laden wood.  In many cases, by repairing leaky downspouts, roofs, flashing, and other similar problems, the chance of carpenter ants establishing a nest and causing damage will be minimized provided that the wood can completely dry.  By keeping shrubs cut 6" or more and tree limbs 2' or more from the house, moving log piles away from the house, and preventing the ground from touching the brick or wood siding of the house, this will further reduce the likelihood of infestation.

These ants will travel up to 100 yards in search of food possibly from a tree or log pile.  During the warm summer months, they prefer to travel at night although some are observed during the day. Even in the newest of homes, it is not uncommon to find a dead carpenter ant.  These ants could not find food, water, or the path back to the nest and died.

Professional Carpenter Ant Control

First Choice Pest Control is now needed.  Proper identification of the insect is a must to insure proper control and pre­vent needless expense.

The initial price includes a 90-day service agreement.  This can be extended for additional 90-day periods.

First Choice Pest Control will provide all labor, material, and supervision to provide pest control service.  First Choice Pest Control will inspect and treat the premises as often as necessary to control carpenter ants for the duration of the agreement provided the premises is available to us for this work.