Termite Control

First Choice Pest Control will give a great deal of thought about what, where, and how termiticides are applied to control the infestation of termites. We have a policy based upon legal requirements, safety, and customer satisfaction. Termite control in the home has three basic facets, prevention and monitoring, barrier application, and elimination. We offer a one-year renewable service agreement with termite control work after the first year of treatment.


Recently a barrier system by BASF has been introduced that also has bait characteristics. Of all the current barrier systems, this lasts the longest and is the most effective according to BASF.

Once a termite has ingested or contacted Termidor™ treated material with its body, it becomes a ‘carrier’. Every other termite it contacts will be infected……which in turn infects every other termite it contacts. However, Termidor works slowly, letting termites contact many others before dying themselves.

And although the Termidor effect on individual termites is intentionally slow, the overall colony management is fast: it can be 2-6 times faster than bait systems

Perimeter Pest Program

Most pest problems move from the exterior of your home to the interior. By treating the outside of your home, pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. This should be performed several times during the warmer months of the year.

Ask Us About Our Perimeter Pest Program

By treating the outside of your home, Pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home.