Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Preparation Sheet

  1. Vacuum floors, carpet, chairs, bed frames, baseboards, and sofas. Use the crack and crevice tools as needed. The vacuum bag should be thrown out afterward.
  2. Move the furniture away from the walls at least 4 inches.
  3. Get good box springs and mattress covers.
  4. Wash all bedding linens, clothing, and stuffed animals in hot water and then place in the dryer at the high setting for at least 30 minutes. These items should be placed in plastic bags or sealed containers.
  5. Clothing that cannot be laundered should be dry cleaned.
  6. All clothing should be removed from the closets and dressers.
  7. Shoes should be placed in new plastic containers. No items should be left in the closets.
  8. Remove all miscellaneous items from the dressers, night stands, and chests. Place them in plastic containers with lids.
  9. Remove all shelves and picture frames from the walls. Items will be inspected and treated as necessary.
  10. Birds, reptiles, cats, and dogs and people should be out of the residence at the start of the treatment and up to 2-3 hours. Aquariums should be turned off while treatment is being done.