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Termite Inspection

In the United States termites cause more than the combined damage of fires, earthquakes, and storms. In greater Cincinnati, we find about one house in ten infested. A far greater number of homes have had termites. The most important value of a properly written report is the disclosure of the damage to the structure caused by wood destroying insects. It takes an experienced inspector with the appropriate license to make this inspection and write an accurate report.

This report is for more than just termites. The subterranean termite is the number one wood- destroying pest in the United States. That is why its name is often attached to the "termite report".

There are other wood destroying insects such as:

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants - Usually evident when moisture problems are prevalent.


Wood Eating BeetlesBeetles - (1) powder post beetles- small beetles whose larvae feed in hardwood such as oak, (2) amoeboid beetles - small beetles whose larvae feed in softwood such as pine, and (3) old house berets -rather large beetles whose larvae feed in softwood timbers.


Carpenter Bees - Bumblebee sized insects that drill a dime-sized hole in un-painted wood surfaces.


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