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First Choice Pest Control services the Greater Cincinnati Area, Northern Kentucky Area (Boone, Kenton, Campbell Counties) 

We work to prevent and treat termite, insect, and rodent infestations.  We offer Termite Inspections, ongoing Termite Control, New Construction Pretreatments for your LEEDS Certification, and General Pest Control. 

Summertime Pests

Many problems we find in the summertime in this area are Hornet, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket Infestations.  You may find without proper treatment these problems will persist year after year, due to the hormones and scent previous Hornet, Wasp, and Yellow Jacket tenants left behind. 

Fall Pests

Many problems that we find in the fall, as the weather gets cooler, are ant infestations and rodent infestations.  The ants and mice are looking for a warm place and new food source.  The most common way these animals get into your home are through small holes and openings from the exterior of your home.  Yearly parameter inspections and treatment can prevent openings from allowing these pest from taking over your home all winter!

Learn More about some of the common pest we can get rid of for you!

Perimeter Pest Program

Most pest problems move from the exterior of your home to the interior. By treating the outside of your home, pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. This should be performed several times during the warmer months of the year.

Protection Plus Plan

Sometimes more is needed than just an exterior application of insecticide. This is when pests are in your home or office. We provide a 90-day service plan where both inside and outside are treated for pests.

Ask us about our Perimeter Pest Program - By treating the outside of your home, Pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. Request a Quote.


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