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[  ] Do not store firewood next to the house.

[  ] Have a thin layer or no mulch next to the foundation. In the warmer months, termites can frequently be found in mulch even in homes that have been treated for termites. Termites are beneficial when they reduce wood to humus but you don’t want your house part of this process.

[  ] The ground should slope away from the home and have 2” of space under the brick exterior and more space if it is wood siding.

[  ] Gutters, downspouts, and roofing should be kept in good repair. The dryer the wood is the less likely termites or carpenter ants will attack it.

[  ] Caulk and paint as needed. Plumbing should be well maintained. Again, it is important to keep wood dry.

[  ] Shrubs should have a 6” space between them and the house. Tree branches should have a 2’ space between them and the house.

[X] Your home should be inspected every year. This will minimize the chances of significant damage. Termites have a slow rate of damage but over time can be very destructive.

[X] Keep us in mind for any termite and pest control needs (513) 753-5945 or (859) 331-PEST (7378).

Please read the consumer maintenance advisory on the back of the wood destroying insect report. If a whole house inspection was performed, any maintenance guidelines should be followed.

Many problems can be avoided by following the maintenance guidelines. Most insect and rodent infestations start at the exterior of the home and move in through openings found in the building.

First Choice Pest Control can be engaged for our Perimeter Pest Program or our Protection Plus Plan. We use a combination of products including baits, monitoring stations, dusts, and encapsulated insecticides to protect you and your home.

With these materials, especially with two of the new non-repellent insecticides that last 16 to 26 weeks, monthly pest control is a needless expense, inconvenience, and exposure.

If you wanted to do pest control yourself, place a two-foot insecticide band around the exterior using an insecticide in a granular form. This can be inexpensively purchased at many lawn and garden centers or hardware stores. As with any insecticide, please carefully read and follow the label directions. This application should be done about every six to eight weeks during the warmer times of the year starting mid April.

Ask us about our Perimeter Pest Program - By treating the outside of your home, Pests can be reduced or stopped before they enter your home. Request a Quote.


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